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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My new wheels!!

While Mommy and I were waiting to get my fancy, red wheels, I made some last minute calls with my phones to let everyone know we were officially picking up my chair.

I got my new ride on is so cool. After Mommy loaded the chair in the car, she had to snap this pic just to show how little it is.

We decided to go shopping and when I passed in front of a mirror, I stopped and yelled, "Baby!"...not realizing it was me at first.

At the end of the second video, notice how close Mommy lets me get to a POLE...silly Mommy:-/

You wonder why healthcare is so costly...maybe it's because they charge $5,789.00 for a toddler's wheelchair...Geez 8-{

Blake's Honors Orchestra Recital

I know I am a little behind on postings...but here goes. Memaw, Mommy and I went to Vegas on Saturday, November 22 to watch my adorable brother, Blake, play bass in the Honors Orchestra Concert at the Artemus Ham Hall at the UNLV campus. We were so impressed. Blake played wonderful as usual. ;-) He is the second bass from the right looking at the above pic.After the concert, we went to dinner with Blake and his girlfriend, Andrea. I was a ham as usual...feeling great after my spinal cord surgery 2 weeks before.
Enough already Mom!!! How many more pictures can you take of me????

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News Flash

Mommy and I are picking up my wheelchair on Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 12:30 AZ time!!!! I am so excited, I can't stand it!! Mommy took a couple of short videos of me at my wheelchair clinic back in September so take a look at those. That was my very first time in a chair. What can I say...when you got it!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Miss Priss

Check out the new scrubs my Papa and Oma bought me from the gift shop. Look at me, this pic was taken on would never have known I had back surgery on Wednesday. Memaw, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Nori, Uncle Dave-O, Ashton, Jade and London all came to see me on Saturday.
Back of scrubs...too cute!!
Mommy took my bandages off Sunday night. This incision is longer than the first but we all think when it is healed it will look better than the first one. Check it out, my cute little heart birthmark is still there.


I was finally discharged on Friday around 3 pm. We went back to the Ronald McDonald House and loaded up the car. Oma and I took a picture next to Ronald. His place is soo cool!! Thanks, Ronald McDonald House!! We finally arrived back in BHC around 9...I slept really good in my own bed...about 12 hours or so.

Thurs night/Friday

Oma stayed with me in the hospital last night. I slept all night for her.
Making my morning calls....I'm back on track :)
A cute, fuzzy pic of me on Friday morning.
Daddy gave me some second favortie food in the world next to ice cream :P Yummie!!

Better times at the hospital

This is Lily Papa bought her for me. When I squeeze her belly she recites a prayer.
The nurse brought me some ponytail holders so Mommy put my hair up. Can you believe this is me shortly after the morphine wore off...Amazing!! Oma's on the phone...probably with Papa.
Chillin' with Lily

Oma and Papa bought me the giant Elmo balloon and the Winnie and Piglet balloons.
Daddy knows who his true friends are...hehehe...
Daddy and I started to tucker out so we napped. Daddy had stayed with me at the hospital Wednesday night. Since I was whacked out on the morphine, I was up quite often throughout the night.


We discovered I can not tolerate morphine. It took about 24 hours to realize that, so in the meantime, my world sucked. As you can see in the first pic, I am holding on to the crib...I wouldn't let go. My world was spinning, I was so nauseous that they had to give me antinausea medicine. I could not sleep, my eyes would not focus and would roll so far back in my head that sometimes no one could see the iris only the white part. We kept telling the nurses but everyone kind of blew it off.

On Thursday when Dr. Moss' asst, Mary, came in to check me, she noticed right away that there was something wrong and said she would go get the doc. When Dr. Moss got there, my eyes were fine (of course!) although they had been scrambling for the last 24 hours. He asked if anyone had held me yet and the answer was no. Mommy was so happy to finally hold me. So Mommy and Oma held me for a couple of hours. It made me feel a lot better. The hospital chaplain, Charlie, came in to talk with us and said a wonderful prayer for my recovery.
Still feeling puny...
Oma's turn to comfort me.
Holding on for dear life as my world spins.
Then....BAM-MO!! I was better. 30 minutes after the chaplain and Kerry had come to my room and prayed for me, I snapped out of it.
Goodness, here I am sitting up...just like that. Crazy stuff...Mary came back in the room a while later and said she realized it was the morphine. Thank GOD he put that wisdom in Mary's head to discover that fact...I know it was those hands that were put on me during prayer a few minutes before that helped me get out of my funk. Funny thing is, I've had morphine after all of my other surgeries but I think I was given more doses over a longer period of time...this time; whereas with the other surgeries, Mommy recalls me getting only one or two doses as opposed to the 24 hour cycle I was given.

Titus and his family

This is Titus. Most of you will remember from a few months ago that Mommy and I went to Kingman to play with Titus and Trevor. Well, Titus just happened to have doctor appts this week in Phx and his family was also staying at the Ronald McDonald House. While I was in hospital recovering, Mommy, Daddy and Oma had dinner with Titus, his mommy, Kerry and his daddy, Scott. Titus looks alot like my nephew London in the top picture.

On Friday, while Titus was having an MRI, his mommy, Kerry, came to see me and the family. Before she left, she said a beautiful prayer for all of us.


Daddy getting his first look at me...he was was Mommy
Elmo was the first one to my bedside....I love him.
My back with bandage.
The surgery went very well. The doctor actually said it went smooth...although it was severe, he was able to release the cord and nerves from the scar tissue. During the pre-op consultation, Dr. Moss said the chance of cutting the leg nerves was only about 1%...he has only had to do it 3 or 4 times. So, as most of you know already, he didn't have to do that with me...YEA!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arrival at hospital and waiting

We had to leave sooo early to get to Phoenix by 6:45...but look at me...bright eyed and bushy-tailed. Here I am in the admitting waiting area.

Oma and I waiting for my MRI and x-rays
I had to make a few last minute calls...

Me...getting a little antsy and wondering what is going on.
Daddy-Poo lovin' on me.
Mommy had to see my heart-shaped birthmark one last time in case it changed.
Elmo in the waiting room once they took me into surgery...he was calling everyone and raising Mommy's cellphone bill. Geez...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Last post until surgery

This is going to be my last post until my surgery on Wednesday. This is the plan...Mommy and I are going to Vegas to get Oma tomorrow (Tuesday) was much cheaper to fly into Vegas rather than Phx. Then we are going to Toys R' Us...don't know why we would go you can see from the above pictures, I don't need anything. We are going to bed very early and leaving BHC at 2 am. I have to be at Phoenix Childrens Hospital at 6:45 to check-in for a 7:30 brain MRI then some x-rays called a shunt series. My surgery is scheduled for 9:30 am. Mommy and Daddy will let everyone know how I am doing as soon as possible. Mommy is going to update my website for me while I am check it often. Mommy, Daddy and Oma are staying at the Ronald McDonald House (a wonderful charity!!)
Save a special prayer for me...say one for Dr. Moss-the neurosurgeon, and his staff...say one for Mommy and Daddy, they are so anxious they are starting to drive me CRAZY!! I LOVE YOU to you next week.

Dessert by Firelight

On Sunday, November 9, we had a family gathering down at Don Sullivan Park near the Colorado River. Everyone was supposed to bring a dessert and we had coffee and hot chocolate to sit and eat/drink around the campfire. Towards the end of the evening, my brother, Blake, and Aunt Cindy said special prayers for me and my upcoming surgery. Blake prayed for me, my doctor, Mommy, Daddy, and the rest of the immediate family. He also said a prayer for Aunt Becky, cousins Christopher and Cory(because their Daddy died this week), and for Cory and April's newborn baby, Kayden, that is in the hospital in Vegas. Aunt Cindy's prayer included St. Jude's prayer for the sick. This first pic is of Daddy and Blake lighting the fire.

Elmo and I are going for a wagon ride...Yippee!!

My cousin, Jake, pulling me along....

Auntie Shaunacie and Mommy.

Olivia and I chillin' in the wagon.

Ashton holding both us babies.

Cousin Kyle, Auntie Debbie, cousins, Kevin and Valerie

Auntie Linda (all the way from Lake Havasu!!) and cousin Breanna.

Ashton, London, Daddy and Blakey

Auntie Bree with Olivia, LondonRoma, Ashton and cuteness....that's me!!

All the little cousins at the shindig...

Aunties...Becky, Debbie and Cindy
Cousins, Cory and April

Cousin Kevin, Uncle Bob (from Havasu) and Kyle.

My cute brother, Blakey!! All the way from Henderson.

The end of the evening with Auntie Cindy...I'm trying to make my get-a-way...
Thank you to everyone that came on meant the world to me and especially Mommy and Daddy. A special thank you to Blake and Bob and Linda for making the long drive to Bullhead City. I love you all!!!