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Friday, June 25, 2010

Short update

Ciaran has had an exciting year and I apologize I have been unable to share it here.  Our computer has been acting up for about 9 months now and at this time, we just can not afford a new one.  So, we have to deal with it. 

Right now, we are sitting at Cardon's Childrens Hospital in Mesa, AZ.  Ciaran had an MRI in May that revealed she once again had a tethered cord, Chiari issues and a syrinx the entire length of her spinal cord.  You may recall that in December she had a spinal shunt placed in hopes that it would drain the syrinx....well, it didn't work. 

Earlier today she had her 6th surgery which included a spinal cord detethering and Dr. Moss was able to drain the syrinx by placing a catheter into the spinal cord all the way up and drained it as he pulled the catheter back down.  The detethering went well and Dr. Moss was able to untangle the mess of nerves at the end of the spinal cord/column.  Dr. Moss said he could see the spinal cord go up the spine by about an inch afterward.  Mommy noticed how much straighter Ciaran was already as she laid in recovery.  We will have to have another MRI to determine if Ciaran will, in fact, have to have a posterior fossa decompression.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  If the decompression surgery is needed, then I hope it is done correctly and that the results are worth all the chaos we seem to have been through the past year.

Love to all our followers!!