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Thursday, January 29, 2009

More cards

These are some more cards that everyone made for the kids in the burn units at the Shriner's Hospitals. I made the purple one with the shooting stars on the bottom picture.

Go Cardinals!! Go Cardinals!!!

Go Big Red!!! Good luck Cardinals!!

My new trike

Okay, as most of you know, Mommy hasn't figured out that she can't hold the camera sideways so here you have another video where you need to crank your neck to the right. Sorry...some people never learn.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My birthday party!! I'm 2 now!!

As most of you already know, my birthday was January 23. We had an awesome party at my house on Saturday, the 24th and most of my family and friends were there. We had the party outside and we could not have asked for a more beautiful day. Here is a pic of me before the party with my "Birthday Girl" tiara on.
Mommy decorated my wheelchair for the special occasion.
Elmo and all of the cupcakes that Jade made...Thank you, Jade!!

Since so many people were coming to my party, we decided to open their gift as they worked out wonderfully. Auntie Norie and Oma helped me open my presents.
I loved this card from Aunt Linda, it sang to me.

I got a lot of stuff for my hair, brushes, barrettes and ponytail holders. Just what I asked for :)
Oma standing guard over the present table.

This is my Aunt Sharon and cousin, Domanique, from Las Vegas. Thank you for making the drive down.

Auntie Norie helping me open my presents and look at the CUTE gift basket that Cassidy and Grant made me.

This is Mommy's friend, Kristen, that she hasn't seen in years. She brought her cutie pie little boy, Dravin, for the festivities. Seated at the table are Ashton, April and Uncle Dave-O.

More presents!!! Auntie Bree is giving me a HUGE hug as Marissa and Coltan look on.

I felt like being a big girl and wanted to sit at the table with Cassidy.

This is Debbie Kort...she's my photographer. Yes, my own personal photographer...I'm so spoiled. Most of you have my portraits and she is the one that took them. She brought me barrettes and some magnetic letters that tell me the sound they make.

Aunt Becky holding Kayden, Cory and Aunt Linda holding Paige.

This is Scarlett and David checking out Elmo.

This is Katri might remember her from her birthday party a few months ago where there was a live Elmo.
Auntie Valerie helping the kids make their cards. What a trooper she was!! One of the things we did at my party was make cards for the kids that are in the Shriner's burn unit. Since the Shriner's are helping me out, we wanted to give back by sending some love to these poor kids who are recovering.
Zachary, Austin and Seth
My cute, red headed brother, Blake and his sports themed card.

Cousin, Zachary and his jungle themed card
We played pin-the-nose on Elmo. Katelynn won...way to go Katelynn!!
This was the best present ever....check out my new BIKE!!

I was very proud of myself here. I gotta give myself a hand. tee-hee

Poor LondonRoma, he was sick and spent most of the party inside resting.

My time with Oma

When my Oma was here, I made her some cookies in my little kitchen. Here I am showing Oma the sign for least my interpretation of it.
Here's the three of us after the party, boy, were we pooped girls.

Last minute party supplies

Mommy, Jade, London and I all went to Vegas on Wednesday to meet Oma and to get some last minute party supplies. Our first stop was Party are the cutest kids you know. :-) Mommy loved this little crown but she said for $10...NO WAY!!


Mommy realized I had better get a haircut before my party so Aunt Debbie stepped up and got me an appt at a moments notice.

My adorable cousin, Olivia
All done!! Now you can see my beautiful blue eyes!!

My Papa stopped by

I forgot to put this update on last week. We were so busy planning my birthday party that I didn't mention my Papa stopped by on his way through town. We grabbed a bite to eat at IHOP and while we waited for our food, Papa and I colored a picture. It was a short visit but it was nice to see him.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Party...this Saturday

My second birthday party is this weekend, Jan. 24 @11 am. If you have not RSVP'd, please do so asap. It's gonna be a good one.

Friday, January 16, 2009

London's First Birthday

January 13 was my nephew's first brthday. London looked cute as can be!!! There was a party for him at Peter Piper Pizza. It was my first time there and boy, did I have fun. Aunt Cindy couldn't get enough of him.
Ashton and his adorable sissy with her pretty pink balloon.
I loved the baby in the window.
London...not sure how to get the Prince crown on.
My cuz, Marissa thought I needed a little help. Aren't we cute??
Eatin' his first cake.
Ashton says, "Get in there".
I've got a little green around my mouth after a little taste.
I loved Skeeball...I was pretty good too!!
Crazy table?!?!?
Lisa was being silly with the balloons...she played with me was good to see her. Lisa is Jade's Mommy.
Opening his gifts. Cousins Seth, Zachary and Austin in the backgrouond.