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Saturday, April 18, 2009

My 1st carnival

Recently, my brother Ashton took me to my 1st carnival. Here are some pics from that exciting night.

Don and Jade...with her pretty purple highlighted hair.

Coming down the slide...I was brave in my brother's lap.
Mommy thinks I look like a doll in the last pic. A very, unhappy doll. :-(

The Yogurt

Riding tall with Daddy-Pooh...nice hat DaDa

Enjoying my fruit punch flavored yogurt...actually it was pretty gross...Mommy even thought so. I need a haircut...

I'ts even in my hair...ewww...

Happy Birthday Oma!!

Happy Birthday Oma!! In February, we went to Vegas to the Nascar race with Oma and Papa. Here are some pics from that exciting trip.
Chillin' in the drivers seat :-)
We were sooo close to the track. Mommy had never seen a racetrack before and was amazed at how steep it was.
Relaxing with a bob...ya, Mommy is trying to break me of them...keep tryin Mommy!!
Owwie!! Someone hit the wall!!
What the heck is goin' on?? This is the loudest noise I have ever heard...other than my own screaming of course.
Oma was trying to keep me distracted...
Mommy-Pooh...twinsies with the pigtails.
Needed a little hydration....and a haircut!!
Trying to make my escape....I'm outta here!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Mommy's Legs

By looking at the pics below, there is no doubt I have my mother's legs....long!! It is really noticeable when I am in my braces. =)

Check out this video

For anyone that knows me, you know that I have this kind of determination. Someday, I will make a video similar to this =)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Look at me

These are what you think they are.
Normally, Mommy keeps the bathroom doors closed because, I'm a girl, and I love the bathroom!! Whenever I get in there, I go through all of Mommy's stuff. (And if I'm crawling, Mommy doesn't want me on the bathroom floor...ewww, gross) So, low and behold, the door was left open and I saw my opportunity to explore. Daddy came to check on me and when he came out, he said (staight-faced), "You need to go look at your daughter." The above pic was what I had done. Mommy had two bras sitting on a chair in the bathroom and I thought I needed to put them on. The blue one was a sports bra. Aren't I cute?? :-/

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spina Bifida Clinic

My new favorite thing to do is sit in Daddy's chair...I feel like a big girl.
On Friday, March 27, I had my annual spina bifida clinic. Mommy, Daddy and I left at 3:30 am to arrive at St. Joseph's Hosp for a renal ultrasound at 8:00. Then we went next door to the CRS clinic for our day of appts. First we saw a pediatrician that thought I was doing wonderful!! I am growing well. I am in the 15 percentile for length and 25 percentile for weight....but what do those charts mean anyway??
Then we saw a urologist that said my kidneys looked great!!! No reflux of urine...Super Yea!! We talked with a psychologist, a child life expert and the ladies from the AZ Spina Bifida Association. Mommy wanted to have a word with Jenny, the SB clinic coordinator, to let her know that after lunch, we did NOT want to meet with the orthopedic doctor because we had moved my orthopedic care to Shriner's Hosps. Normally, there are 3 ortho docs at CRS and they rotate on Fridays for the SB clinic. Well, guess who's turn it was this week....Dr. Vu. If you don't know who he is, please see previous posts. In a nutshell, we CAN NOT stand him. So, Mommy told Jenny she did not even want to see him or have him come into our room. After lunch, we saw Linda, the physical therapist, and an O/T. Linda, the P/T, agreed with Ann, my P/T at home, that my new braces are super terrific but I still can not stand up on my own. Besides getting my left foot to stay straight, the main objective for the braces was to enable me to stand up...and I still can't. I need HKAFO's. They would start at my hips and go down...helping me to support my weight. Mommy is going to have to take steps to see what we can do about this. I also don't have my new walker yet. It is going to have forearm troughs that might help me to stand straighter.....we'll see.
When we were all done for the day, we booked it home. It was so cool to have Daddy with us for the day. Mommy was able to sit in the back with me on the way was so nice to have company with me =)