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Saturday, December 27, 2008

My First Christmas Cookies

Mommy and I made some was my first time and I felt the need to taste everything...probably a typical kid thing to do.
Taa-daa....cute for my first attempt.

Boombox Parade

Bullhead City has a Christmas Boombox parade. This year it was cold so we sat in the van. I got to sit on Daddy's lap during the I am teaching him how to hold the steering wheel with two (not one) hands.
Here they come...the high school band and the fire engines!!
Pretty float
Time to put the beanie on...although we were in the van, the windows were down.

Little One started to putter out....

Parent Network Christmas Party

On Saturday, December 13, there was a Parent Network Christmas Party and my brother and his family with went us for the festivities. First, we went to Rotary Park for a community Christmas party but London and I were too small to really appreciate what was going on...maybe we will enjoy it more next year.
Gotta have my bink!!London's scrunchy face!!
After the park, we went to the Knight of Columbus Hall where the party Daddy and I are playing a ball tossing game.
I won a medal for my efforts...YEA!!
I did not want to see Santa...check out the terrified look on my face. Mommy decorated my chair with garland that I picked out and I had a huge jingle bell on the back.
I may not have wanted to see Santa...but I certainly wanted what he had for me. London, Jade and Ashton....cute family.
Mommy and her princess....My first candy cane.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Hudnall Wedding

On Saturday, Nov. 29, we went to Vegas for JR Hudnall's wedding to Alicia. JR is Sherry's son...Sherry is Mommy's best friend...they used to work together at the bank. Here I am with Lilly, minding my own business, and here comes Mommy again with the camera...geez...

This is Sherry...this is the first time we met...showing her my new ride.

Mommy and Sherry

The wedding party. The groom is JR and the bridesmaid on the far right is his sister, Courtney.

Mommy wanted a picture with me and I didn't want any part of it....hmmpff....

Daddy and I strolling on the dance floor.


Ashton and London

Mommy and Courtney...Mommy met Courtney when she was 3.

Daddy-poo and his princess.

Cute family...Ashton, Jade and a very, unhappy LondonRoma.

Dancing babies

Courtney dancing with me.

Handsome Groom, JR

One pooped, little girl on the drive home.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!

On Thanksgiving, our family had Thanksgiving at Uncle Duane's/Aunt Debbie's house. Here I am having the turkey of my choice in a bottle form with my Aunt Becky.
Kaydence and Candace
Playing with my ipod.

Me, Kaydence, Candace, Ashlynn and Dillon all playing with the dollhouse.
Giving Memaw a kiss.
Me and my cute cousin, Paige.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My new wheels!!

While Mommy and I were waiting to get my fancy, red wheels, I made some last minute calls with my phones to let everyone know we were officially picking up my chair.

I got my new ride on is so cool. After Mommy loaded the chair in the car, she had to snap this pic just to show how little it is.

We decided to go shopping and when I passed in front of a mirror, I stopped and yelled, "Baby!"...not realizing it was me at first.

At the end of the second video, notice how close Mommy lets me get to a POLE...silly Mommy:-/

You wonder why healthcare is so costly...maybe it's because they charge $5,789.00 for a toddler's wheelchair...Geez 8-{

Blake's Honors Orchestra Recital

I know I am a little behind on postings...but here goes. Memaw, Mommy and I went to Vegas on Saturday, November 22 to watch my adorable brother, Blake, play bass in the Honors Orchestra Concert at the Artemus Ham Hall at the UNLV campus. We were so impressed. Blake played wonderful as usual. ;-) He is the second bass from the right looking at the above pic.After the concert, we went to dinner with Blake and his girlfriend, Andrea. I was a ham as usual...feeling great after my spinal cord surgery 2 weeks before.
Enough already Mom!!! How many more pictures can you take of me????

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News Flash

Mommy and I are picking up my wheelchair on Monday, November 24, 2008 @ 12:30 AZ time!!!! I am so excited, I can't stand it!! Mommy took a couple of short videos of me at my wheelchair clinic back in September so take a look at those. That was my very first time in a chair. What can I say...when you got it!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Miss Priss

Check out the new scrubs my Papa and Oma bought me from the gift shop. Look at me, this pic was taken on would never have known I had back surgery on Wednesday. Memaw, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Nori, Uncle Dave-O, Ashton, Jade and London all came to see me on Saturday.
Back of scrubs...too cute!!
Mommy took my bandages off Sunday night. This incision is longer than the first but we all think when it is healed it will look better than the first one. Check it out, my cute little heart birthmark is still there.


I was finally discharged on Friday around 3 pm. We went back to the Ronald McDonald House and loaded up the car. Oma and I took a picture next to Ronald. His place is soo cool!! Thanks, Ronald McDonald House!! We finally arrived back in BHC around 9...I slept really good in my own bed...about 12 hours or so.