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Sunday, July 26, 2009


As most of you already know, I have KAFO braces. We realized I needed something more to stand up. Although I had these great leg braces that were helping lock my legs and help straighten my left foot, they still were not enough for me to stand up on my own. Mommy made a few calls to the Orthotist in Phx and they placed a call to Dr. D'Astous in SLC to get a script to change my braces to HKAFOs (hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis). Once the appt was made, Mommy was dreading this appt because she knew they were going to have to cast my abdomen and that is something she knew I would HATE.

Here we are getting my back molded. What surprised Mommy was that it was plaster...she expected it to be that other material that they used on my leg casts.

Not a happy camper...I cried alot :( I hated being held down in the same position for that long of a period of time. Then they flipped me over and molded my front side.

I liked the feeling of the squishy stuff in my hands. Notice how I'm kickin it with my hands behind my head. I didn't mind being on my back as they did the casting. I think it's because I could see what they were doing.

This little video is of me giving them a big, "Yea!!" because they are almost done.

Then they outlined my body like it was a crime screen.

2 weeks later we went back to Phx to get my new brace. Daddy was able to come with us which was really cool and fun. Sam had to make a few last measurements before he could finish it.
Taa....Daaa!!!! I am standing!! I had to point out my earrings to everyone just in case they didn't see them.

I really love standing upright. With Daddy's steady hand, I felt SO tall. Mommy was amazed at how tall I was a very touching moment for her. =)

I was able to go play with the kitchen at the orthotists office. A little shaky at first...

Let me see how far I can push it...Daddy's in a sprint to catch me. I'm testing the waters ;-)

I love this standing thing. I could get used to it.

This is when Ann came for my first physical therapy appt with the new brace. Now we can get down to business. Here I am trying to swivel my hips.

Giving it my all. Mmmffffff.......

 that a smile on my face during P/T??

Moving along....

Jade and DonDon came over to see me in my new brace. Boy was I happy to be taller than London finally. Giving him a little love. =)

How about a little kiss too??? No, okay then, I'll show you mister!! Here's a choke hold for ya. Boy, am I little devil sometimes.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where are we, you ask????

Hi all, we are still here and doing fabulous. For the last couple of months, we've had computer problems and it had to go into the shop for a little cleaning. Needless to say, we are back and ready to update.
This is my pretty green Easter dress. I looked lovely and I had to give you a back shot to showcase my bows and my pretty pony. =)
It got extremely cold as a storm moved in right before the Easter egg hunt so, we did a quick change.
Here I am...cute as ever at a doctor's appt.
Can you see me Mommy??? Playing with Mommy while spending the night in a motel room in Phx after a May appt.
At the baseball game!!
I never do take the easy way...who needs sidewalks?!?!?!
Awww...a cute, little punkin in her chair with a great, big field behind her. She looks so tiny...
Hmmm....Jade and DonDon are laughing and I'm not...hmmmm. But DonDon sure looks adorable in this pic.
Playing my piano...
Pure cuteness =)))
Standing in my stander....lookin like I'm gonna cry.
The ANGEL!!!
Giving my friend, Ashlee, a big hug.
Eating a scrumscious (sp?) cupcake at Shayleigh's baby shower. No, I shouldn't have been eating it (EGGS!) but they were so pretty and Mommy knew I wanted one.
In the mornings we take walks with Memaw, Grandpa and Foxy. I'll let you guess which one this is...