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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Uncle Jeremy

My Uncle Jeremy was in Las Vegas for a football coaching clinic so we stopped on our way back from SLC to visit with him. I had not seen him since Mommy and me made the trip to Reno in June.Yo...are you lookin' at me???

Update on my back

Okay, most of you know I have scoliosis which was caused from the tethered cord. Although I had the detethering surgery to free my spinal cord, the scoliosis did not go away. Mommy doesn't think my back has gotten worse since the surgery but it certainly got worse since the last x-ray in July when my curves were 28 & 29 degrees. Dr. D'Astous took x-rays while we were in SLC and my curves are now 35 degrees. Yikes!!! The doctor doesn't want to do anything at this time because I am so limber and strong in my trunk area that bracing my back would actually make it weaker. He would like to monitor my spine and see me again in 6 months. So let's all pray that it doesn't get worse...OKAY?!?!?!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The statue and my 1st snow

Me, Mommy and the Shriner statue...we were trying to duplicate the pose...we almost got it...
Mommy kept telling me I was going to see snow for the first time and boy, was she right...there was lots of it.
Will it hurt me if I touch it??? Maybe I will just pick at it...hmmm
London wasn't too sure of it either.

Video of me standing

This is a video of me standing on my own. I have the neoprene braces on and they work well enough to hold me up. There are more videos, but because Mommy was working with me, Jade videotaped them and they are on her camera. As soon as we get them uploaded, I will post them. Check me out!! Look how tall I am!!

Our day in SLC at Shriner's Hosp/Ronald McDonald House

To start the day, London and I took a bath...we were dirty, little monkeys. This was my first time in a bath with someone else and boy, was it fun. After we were all ready, we left the Ronald McDonald House and went the few blocks to the Shriner's took Mommy 15 minutes to warm up the car so we could get in it to drive 5 minutes...hmmm...I wanted to try on Jade's beads. I started the day with pigtails....and ended up with braids, my first ones. After they took x-rays of my back and legs, we had a few minutes to kill so I played with this cool, touchy board on the wall.
All went better than expected. Usually Mommy has to be ready to do battle with the orthopedic docs, but not this day. They were more than willing to help me out. Mommy wanted me to leave with at least AFO's [(Ankle-Foot-Orthotic)(see previous post about left foot contortion)], but instead, we left with a script for KAFO's (Knee-Ankle-Foot-Orthotic) and Dr. D-Astous also thought I should have a walker. I am so excited to get my new equipment. For the interim, they gave me some neoprene knee stabilizers for an adult and we will go to Phoenix to get the actual braces. I went to Physical Therapy and met Keri and Mark. While I was with them, I got to stand up for the first time. It was COOL!!

Trip to SLC

I know everyone has been dying to find out how my trip went so I apologize for my delay in postings.

On Tuesday morning at 5 am...yes, I said, 5 am...Mommy, Jade, Dun (London), and myself set out on our trip to the Great, White Northern part of Utah. Jade kept us fed and entertained while Mommy drove. Here are a few pics after eating Cheetohs. Messy....
This is a pic of the back of the van...Mommy thought it was kinda funny how packed the car was for a 2-night stay. But, if you figure you've got 2 babies, that means 2 cribs, 2 strollers, 1 wheelchair and lots of warm, bulky clothes for the Great, white, northern part of Utah.
Absolutely Gorgeous!!

Mommy had to have this was a MaryKay pink Cadillac....also, gorgeous =)
When we arrived at the Ronald McDonald House, Mommy opened her door to this....enough said.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Off to SLC

Okay everyone...tomorrow we are leaving for the SLC Shriner's Hosp. Mommy will try to take lots of pics and we will post them when we get home. We are driving so pray for us that we have a safe journey.