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Monday, August 31, 2009


Yesterday, Mommy wanted to go bowling so we packed it up and cruised over to the Riverside to bowl...whatever that is. Well, I quickly learned what bowling is. I lOVE it and I am GOOD at it. I even beat Mommy =)Daddy helping me to the ramp.
Here I am giving it a big Riley push. I think I got 2 strikes yesterday. YEA!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blake update!!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that my brother, Blake, the college FRESHMAN, got FIRST CHAIR for bass in the UNLV symphony . He beat out other students that were in their fourth year. I told you he was a gifted musician. Mommy hopes some of that talent rubs off on me. =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My brother, Blake =)

I wanted to introduce you to my youngest, older brother, Blake. Some of you may not know him so I wanted to share some of my highlights with him...with you.
To be quite honest, Mommy doesn't like these first pics because I was very sick in them because my shunt had malfunctioned. =( However, it was a part of my life and as you can see I am very loved.
This is Blake William Riley. He is NOW 18 years old and when I was born, everyone told me I looked like Blake. :)
The EVER cool baby in shades at Blake's baseball game.
See how much better I look...I had a shunt revision and the world is once again okay. Blake and I hangin out in our toyhauler.
Daddy and Blake were sooo mean. They gave me my first taste of lemon. Ewww.... gotta love that face. Now that's a pucker...
I love this guy!!!
Memaw with Grant and Blake.
Sleeping Beauty
Helping me figure out my new toys for my 1st Christmas.
Studdly =D
What a cutie!!
What a dork?!?!?
Blake is a gifted musician. These pics were taken after his Christmas Orchestra Concert in December of 2007. Blake plays the bass. Bernie and Blake are watching the concert that just took place.
Love this pic!!! Right after one of his baseball games...he didn't know we were was a big SURPRISE!!
Not only does Blake play the orchestra bass...he plays the electric bass. Blake is in a band called, We Build Ruins. Daddy describes them as groovy rock. The entire band is extremly talented. On this night, they were at Saxby's in Henderson.
Blake, Daddy and I at Grant's Metro Cadet graduation.
After a football game his senior year of high school. We always ate at Timber's. It was our favorite place.
Daddy and I keeping an eye on Blakey. Senior night...boy, were we proud. Not only is he an incredible musician, he is an incredible athlete, student and brother!!
This was our Dessert by Firelight night. As a family, we got together for goodies and to say a little prayer for me before my detethering surgery last November. Blake, being the ever faithful Christian, led the group with a special prayer for me and my surgeon.
Playing with me while I am on Ollie
At my birthday party, we made cards for other kids that were in the hospital. Here is Blake showcasing his.
This is Blake and a very, cute girl (can't remember her name) at a surprise birthday party for cousin, Diana, in Sunset Beach, CA.
Hangin out at the beach...
At cousin Jeremy's wedding.
So sweet...dancing with Grandma Betty. I am the only one that calls her Memaw...I'm special...tee hee
Sly dog...
Blake at his Nevada All State Orchestra concert at the Artemis Hamm Hall at UNLV. He is the second bass player on the right.
What a beautiful bunch!!Handsome men. Like Father, Like Son
Giving Blake and the orchestra a big YEAH!! Oh my gosh...I'm wearing my glasses. How did anyone ever get a pic of this???
At the dinner after Blake's concert...I wanted to hold DonDon. He's almost as big as me but he will always be my baby =)

Blake graduated in June from Coronado High School. The ceremony was held at the Thomas and Mack Center.
The after party was at Blake's house so we all went over there for food, fun and GREAT music.
Blake's ambition is to become a dentist and he starts college on Monday, August 24 at UNLV. He has received a music scholarship so that will help fund his college career.
I am so proud of you, Blake. Good luck in college. See you soon....Sissy