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Monday, September 29, 2008

Oma and the ballhouse

While Oma was here, she played with me alot. One of my favorite things to do is throw all of the balls out of my ballhouse. Oma thought she could keep up with me...boy, was she wrong. Check out my lightning speed. ;-P

Daddy's softball game

Chilling with Oma and Mommy at Daddy's softball game. Oma came down and visited us for a week and gave Mommy a much needed break.

Showin' off the ponytail!!!

More pictures Mommy??

Relaxing in the evening air...being a big girl in the lounge chair.

Blake's football game

Me and Daddy-poo

Red, White & Blue....Showin' off my Coronado Cougar school spirit....all of my brothers went to Coronado in Henderson, NV.

My youngest, big brother, Blake...being a cheeseball!!

Let me see...what number is Blakey again????? Oh yeah, 82!!

This is better....more Rico Suave like....

I know it has been awhile since my last posting, but Mommy finally let me get at the computer. So we will start with some cute pics of Daddy, Blake and Cuteness...that's me!! Every Friday we go to Vegas for Blake's football games. After the game...we always stop at Timbers for a bite to eat.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mommy's favorite picture

Mommy told me this is her favorite picture of me. She loves the way my eyes are both looking straight crossing or laziness. We all hope my new glasses will help correct some of that.

Cruisin in the Miniwagon

The many faces of Ciaran :-)

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Skyler sportin' the Stetson

How cute am I?? I look a lot like Mommy in this hat...only my hair is lighter.

Joshua, Jadon and Me

This is Jadon John Munoz...he is my new friend.
Mommy and I went over to Jennifer's house after my wheelchair know, the one that was supposed to take 2 hours. We got to see the new baby boy, I got to play with Joshua and Mommy and Jennifer got to play catch up with all the latest gossip.

Joshua Jacob and me playing at his house. Cutie pie!! Look at those dimples...

Joshua's, "What the heck are you lookin' at" face.

Joshua and I playing

Mommy, not another picture, PLEEZE!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Update on doc appts

Well, as we can all see by the previous post, my wheelchair appt went well. I ended up having 5 appts in all.

1) Wheelchair...see results below.
2) Neurosurgeon...they are going to do a scan next month of my back for tethered cord.
3) GI doc... not much to discuss here...Mommy thinks my new problems are from the tethered cord. Just keep doing what I am doing.
4) & 5) Opthamology - I need glasses...go figure...I am far-sighted (I can't see close) and most of you know I get cross-eyed with one eye or the other depending on which way I am looking. So, Mommy and I went and got me some new glasses and actually there aren't too many places that carry infant eyeglass frames.... Boy, were they expensive!!! It stunk too, because Mommy had to pay for them first, then apply to get reimbursed from insurance. Whew...

I'm the Bomb!!

GREAT NEWS!!! WE ORDERED MY WHEELCHAIR!!! CHECK OUT THESE VIDEOS...Notice how HAPPY I am...(For those of you that know me, know I am a very serious notice the SMILE!!)BTW...Mommy did it again so crank your neck to the right and watch me roll!!

Yes, this is me after just being put in this chair. AMAZING...isn't it!! Mommy knew I could do it!!! Mommy and I were going to see Jennifer after this appt. Mommy allotted 2 hours for this appt thinking I would have to figure this contraption out. Then...she thought I might have nothing to do with it and have to show me, herself, how to do it. After that, they would have to measure me so I have a custom-made chair...just for Ciaran.

She was SO wrong...we were in and out in 30 minutes....Ya...that's right 30 minutes. I can handle this chair...and we went to Jennifer's house early. ;-)

Am I not the cutest thing ever?!?!?! Now... do you see those handlebars behind me??? Mommy, who is 6', had to order taller handles because she was bending over to steer me...CRAZY!!!!

Mommy ordered this exact chair. She thought I looked really good in this dark red. They had 22 or 24 colors to choose from so she left the pink, yellow and purple colors for me to choose from in the future. ;-) My wheels are 20's...just like Daddy's truck rims. We're the same...twinsies...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Phx appts next week

Helping Mommy sort the socks. ;)

I have four appts next week in Phoenix...

1st...Monday morning...neurosurgeon...Mommy wants to discuss tethered cord...she thinks I have a lot of the symptoms related to that...especially the scoliosis. By the way, we did get the x-ray of my back from radiology but Mommy is having a hard time getting it into this blog....we'll keep working on that.

2nd...Monday afternoon...WHEELCHAIR CLINIC...Yea!! Mommy is so excited...she just knows I can comprehend the idea of the chair. Hopefully we will get to order one!!

3rd...Tuesday morning...Opthamology

4th...Tues afternoon...butt doctor...GI doc :-}

Maybe Mommy will let me sign on at Auntie Michelle's house and update you Monday night about the day's appts. We are also going to stop and see the Munoz family...they just had another baby, Jadon might remember them from a post earlier in the year.

Videos of me sick

Here I am with my eyes rolling and I'm shivering. Poor baby!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008


I know it has been awhile since I've posted but I sat Mommy down to help me update everyone.

The past couple of days I have been very sick. The last week I have been gagging when I eat (this is common for SB kids) and then on Tuesday, I threw up...ewww. I have also been extremely constipated. This is a typical for someone with my lesion level of spina bifida...L3. Well on Tuesday night I passed all the poo...I know...TMI (too much info). On Wed. morning, I had a fever of 103.2. Mommy was startled since I have never had a fever this high. Mommy was concerned that I may have had a UTI (urinary tract infection)...when you are severly constipated...the poo presses on your bladder and makes it malformed..?? misformed?? (Not sure of the word) and sometimes the urine is not all drained out properly when Mommy caths me. I have only had one UTI and that was when I was 3 mos old...and I was constipated at that time also. Hmmm...
So Mommy loaded me up and off to Dr. Barton's we went...he's my pediatrician. He said when someone is constipated, the wall of the colon or large intestine gets thinner and it is easier for the toxins in the poo to leak through. I know...TMI...but aren't we all learning from this?!?!?!? They also checked my ears and lungs, throat and urine....everything looked ok, so, they gave me antibiotics and shipped me home.
OOPS...I think I forgot to mention that I have been dehydrated, hence the severe constipation. I think Mommy was getting frustrated with me because I wouldn't drink anything and she was injecting Pedialyte into my mouth...I wasn't having any part of this. But by evening I was feeling better and played with Mommy for a couple of hours.
On Thursday morning my temp was 103.6...not good. Mommy called the doctor and the doctor said, No more monkeys jumping on the, not really, he said, come in. At this point we are thinking there might be an infection in my shunt....but to make sure it wasn't viral (there is something going around BHC), he sent me over to the hospital to get blood work done. When we got the results a few hours was bacterial so the doc told me to come in and they were going to IV the antibiotics into me so they would work faster. In addition to that, I was shivering and my eyes were rolling...I will post a short video that Mommy took of me...she was so scared.
Dr. Barton said if this didn't help we would probably have to fly me to Phx because it is likely my shunt has an infection or is malfunctioning. But the we still don't know where the infection is in my body...we're thinking the poo toxins.
Low and behold, my fever broke about 7 pm on Thurs..YEA!! I've been good as new ever since, well, almost...Mommy and I even went to Blake's football game in Henderson...they WON!! And Blake made a TD...his second of the season.