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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!! Welcome 2010!!!!

Just to catch everyone up with me and my cuteness, here are some pics from the week of Christmas.  During the Christmas weekend, Mommy, Daddy and I went to the Magical Forest at Opportunity Village in Las Vegas.  Here, Daddy and me are hangin' with Santa. 
We went to our annual BoomBox Parade.  I love it because I get to sit on Daddy's lap and pretend to drive.  I have to adjust the radio to the right station so I am in sync with the parade floats.
Mommy and Daddy let me open one of my Christmas presents early because they were afraid I wouldn't be able to play with the hoop at Christmastime because they THOUGHT I was having the decompression surgery.  As most of you know, I didn't have that surgery so now I am just a stud at hoops. =)
Mommy loves these pictures.  I am deciding what I want to eat from my upside-down menu ;-).  Then I am actually eating the bean dip at El Palacio restaurant.  If you know me, you will know that I hardly EVER put food in my mouth so Mommy's glad she captured it on film.
When I was in the hospital, I got this cute, little tea set so I couldn't wait to get home to have a tea party with my pals.
Pic of Oma and me.  I love standing in my braces.  I am SOO big =)
Here is our little family at the Long House in Bullhead City.  Love the Tim-Tim Tree lights.  (That's Ciaran's way of saying Christmas tree.)
  Opening presents Christmas morning.  Love this one!!!
Cute, little, devious ANGEL!!!Grant, Daddy and I were checking out baby WesleyOpening the biggest present in the house.  An easel from Grant and Cassidy!!!Playing with Paul, Cassidy's Daddy and her Uncle after Christmas dinner. This little lady is Lilly...she is Grant & Cassidy's new doberman.  Opening MORE presents ;-)  This adorable purse was from my brothers' Mommy, Felicia.  Thank you for all my presents!!Shootin' some hoop with Daddy, Grant and Lilly.  I was trying to be brave and pet the doggy.  I like Lilly's house soo much, I spent most of the day inside it.


Heather Weir said...

Hi, You posted on my blog today. Yes we do live in AZ. We're in Mesa and well my husband is moving to VA for 3 months and I'm moving in with my parents in Gilbert for that time.

YOur daughter is so Cute!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE your new 'do! It looks adorable on you! Love & miss you bunches.

Aunt Norie

Jamie said...

I love the picture of her in the little crate... so cute! Conner jumped in our bunny cage once (it was empty).

I got your message on Madi's site and I'd LOVE the shriner's information. I completely forgot about them!!!! WOO HOO! I think my friend said she can get us in. How often do you go? Can you e-mail me at THANKS!!