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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ciaran's 3!!!

Today is my birthday!!  The big 3!!  We are having my party tomorrow and boy, is it going to be a BIG party....I can't wait!!
Mommy loves these kinds of pics of Me. 
Having a little tea party with Mommy. 

This pic was taken at the hospital last month.  I loved this little, square window.  Teddy bear by side....the first of many of my presents from my stay.

Sharing some tea with Mommy and Daddy
Attempting to sit up with a little help from Daddy-Poo
Cute even in a hosp gown =)

As I just woke Ciaran up, I asked her, "Who's birthday is it?"  I can't help but go back to that very fearful day 3 years ago.  More than anything I couldn't wait to see "IT" (we didn't find out the sex) but honestly, we were so afraid and scared for "IT'S" future.  And now....if she's lucky....she won't spend the entire next year in time out.  I love how she has grown and is so "normal" or typical.

Little did I know I was receiving one of God's greatest "extraordinary" gifts. 


Cassie said...

She is so cute, and she has such a "sassy" look in her eyes...all the time.

Happy Birthday Ciaran!

Dollface said...

I don't ever wnat to think of my Kasey turning 3!

Jamie said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl!!! Looks like you had a wonderful day :).

Off topic, but the picture with those white spandex. Do they keep her hips /legs from 'splaying' out? I'm looking for something that does and am coming up short.

Leigh and Andy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What a cutie!! :)

I saw your message on our blog...very strange! I wish I knew a secret to get the video icon back, but I am clueless! I'll keep thinking and get back to you if I can figure it out!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I Missed the Party But I heard it was wonderful...Love you lots. To the most beautiful and sweetest little angel

Love great aunt sharon in Vegas

Meinhardt Family said...

Happy Birthday Ciarin!!! Love the pics. Did she get any cool presents?
I was laughing at your comment on our blog about Beck being the bachelor of 2030. Who knows. ;) Speaking of, don't get me started on that show! All I do is complain about that show, but I can't stop watching! LOL!