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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Haircut =)

The reason for the haircut...Mommy knew they were going to shave the back part of my head for the decompression surgery so she wanted it cut so that the top could be put up in a ponytail or pigtails and not hang down in my incision. It took two cuts to get it wear Mommy wanted it.

Aunt Debbe cut it the first time and boy, was it a beautiful cut.  I look so sweet. =)
Later...the same day....Mommy realized it wasn't short enough.  We happen to be at Aunt Bree's house so Mommy asked her to cut it some more.  This is the result. 

As Mommy always says, "Cuteness at its Finest!"


Leigh and Andy said...

Such a cute cut!!! What a doll!! :)

I saw (and love) all of your comments on the blog! Just wanted to let you know that you can FOR SURE use that video on your blog...such a great one!! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute cut. Good idea to cut it before the surgery. I have personally also had that done prior to shunt surgeries.